2 June 2024

Aero melts Neapolitan & Milky Bar Raspberry icecream - choc buttons [@NLi10]

 We went on holiday to Swansea for the night - and at the services on the way saw these chocs at £3.80 each! It was 2 for £5 so we figured that picking up the milky bar ones as extras would be justified.

We cracked open the Aro ones there and then as they are clearly the grown up choice and has all the flavours

They really didn’t seem that different though

Decent portion - although the price still hurts.

Tiny bubbles unlike the full size bars - and you don’t really get the melt effect as they are a bit fondanty for the other colours. Disappointing - I’d rather have had a regular Aero.

On the beach later that day I cracked open the Milky Bar ones that I had custody of.

These are one variety in the pack with two colours, but the same flavour throughout.

And it’s gorgeous. Basically raspberry milkshake flavour! Maybe they do bars of this already and I’ve just never spotted them, but this is sweet and creamy and fruity and perfect for a summer day.

They did melt a bit though, but super happy with these - especially after the Aero versions.

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