13 June 2024

Oreo Sunshine - Lemon Flavour (China) - with Ltd Ed Designs! [@NLi10]

 Oreos are great.  Kraft taking over Cadbury and putting Oreos in everything isn't so great - so even though I could walk to Cadbury World from my house - we still have to rely on imports to get exciting Oreos.

This Chinese version (from a Korean supermarket) is not only Sunshine / Lemon flavour, but it has limited edition designs on the biscuits too.

And they come in inflated packs so you know they are fresh.

Peepo designs are common on these, but the box says there are 6 ltd edition designs you might see. 

All taste the same though! 

The lemon is great - not too artificial and has a sherbet hint to it.  Otherwise - these are your normal Oreo - but with an exciting fruity flavour. 

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