12 June 2023

Kit Kat Bites Lotus Biscoff (Iceland) By @Cinabar

Kit Kat Bites Lotus Biscoff

I start the blog with a note about the weather. It is roasting hot in the UK. These Kit Kat Bites Lotus Biscoff flavour were on the kitchen table, near a window with the sun shining in. Although they are pretty much in tact, the reason they look a little melted is because there was a bit of a delay before I realised where they were and put them in the fridge. Oops, I should know better.

Anyway, once rescued and cooled down, I opened up the bag of these Kit Kat Bites Lotus Biscoff variety and gave them the taste test. The lotus biscoff flavour shone through. I love those kinds of spices, especially the cinnamon, and these were an absolute dream to munch on. There is a nice mix of textures: the soft biscuit spread, the crunchy bits of biscuit, and the chocolate. These are moreish and seriously tasty. I love Biscoff, so I was in heaven. I just wish I hadn’t let them melt a bit. My advice, along with trying to stay cool, is to keep yourself hydrated and store your chocolates in a safe place.

Kit Kat Bites Lotus Biscoff

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