24 June 2023

Vault City Raspberry Strawberry Coconut Ripple Beer (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Vault City Raspberry Strawberry Coconut Ripple Beer

Oh, no, Cinabar bought me a sour beer. I think it was in error, as she knows it's the only type of beer I hate. I reckon it was because this beer sounds so interesting. I mean, what's not to like about Raspberry Strawberry Coconut Ripple? Oh, yes, it's a sour beer.

At 6.0% in volume this sour Raspberry Strawberry Coconut Ripple flavoured beer just isn't strong enough to numb my tastebuds. After reading the description, "This velvety smooth, ice cream inspired… SOUR BEER…", I'm wondering how, even in the small typeface that the 'sour' was missed in the supermarket.

Flavoured with raspberries, strawberries, coconut and vanilla during the brewing, this beer is supposed to be so authentic that you could put a "flake in it". I've never had sour raspberry ripple ice cream before, so this should be a new one.

After leaving the can in the fridge and dreading it for much of the day, I finally decided it was time to start this week's beer blog. Oh, joy. I noticed amusingly, that the beer can stated "shake to wake". Those who shake beer cans generally end up wearing the contents. So, I gave the can a good talking to instead. Mainly about having the word 'sour' in such a small typeface.

On opening the can there was a tart raspberry aroma mixed in with the sheer sourness that menacingly accompanied it. On pouring I noticed this Raspberry Strawberry Coconut Ripple sour beer had the colour of blancmange mixed with mud. On taste this beer was like drinking the sourest raspberry and slightly strawberry fruit sweet I have ever tasted times one hundred. It's like a fruity super acidic kick in the nuts, followed by an oddly creamy uppercut to the family jewels towards the aftertaste. This beer is so sour I reckon it could strip paint off the fence if I drank it in the back garden. I'm just glad it's raining.

Vault City Raspberry Strawberry Coconut Ripple Beer

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