17 June 2023

STF Big Ideas German Ale (The Wee Beer Shop @WeeBeerShop @STFermentations) By @SpectreUK

STF Big Ideas German Ale

So, what's the big idea? Well, this Big Ideas German Ale for a start. Sorry, I couldn't help it. Brewed by Simple Things Fermentations, in Glasgow, this 5% in volume warm top-fermented K├Âlsch-style beer is often referred to as a hybrid of ale and lager. Big Ideas has Vegan friendly ingredients, and the can states there are notes of strawberry starburst and cut grass, on top of the flavour of freshly baked bread. I'm left wondering if this beer will go well with my fish and chips from our local Chippy or not.

Certainly having quite a fizz on first opening, there was a yeasty aroma on popping open the can. This bright golden ale, lager, hybrid, thingy, reminded me of the hot summer afternoons we've recently been having in the UK. Big Ideas had a yeasty aroma to it with a light herbal bitter hop smell, a wheatiness and even milder smelling malts.

There wasn't much fizziness on first taste after all, which is probably a good thing, been as though I can belch like a hurricane on a windy day after a lager. Initially there was a yeastiness on tasting, with a bucket of wheat, and then a little bitter grassy herbal hops, followed by a mild sweet toasty maltiness to finish. Big Ideas was a very flavoursome ale and I was pleased to find that it washed down my fish and chip takeaway rather well after all.

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