18 June 2023

Aldi 99p Taurus Bubblegum & Sherbet Lemon [@NLi10]

I visited my parents for Fathers Day this weekend, and had to pick some bits up from Aldi on the way - and I saw some suspect cider to try. 

At 99p a can it’s hardly luxurious gift cider, but as a post dinner aperitif it’s a lot of fun

Well - post pudding anyway.

First up - bubblegum! And it does smell like bubblegum, and it tastes like the blue stuff they add to ice-cream. Unfortunately it’s on top of the cheap, rough Taurus cider. It’s fine - I mean it’s what I expected. Would be better with ice and a festival.

This is more of a pudding cider, a hit of sherbet and lemon in the same cider.  I think it elevates it a little, but it’s still not a smooth experience.

And the stats confirm - it’s a can of cider! 

For the price these are fine, stick them on the table at a BBQ and they’d certainly all get opened, but I bet some of the sweeter ones wouldn’t get finished.

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