25 June 2023

Cartwright & Butler - Soft Marshmallow Hot Choc Stirrer [@Nli10]

We get a bunch of hot chocolate style things as presents, and we love them all.  Here is one that the veggie can't have due to the marshmallows - oh no - I'll have to have it! 

It's a neat little package - and perfect for gifting.

So lets heat some almond milk up - and dunk it in!

This is what the block looks like before going in.

And then it turns to oily goo and gradually slides off.

And finally it turns into hot chocolate.


This one - interestingly to me - is more of a hot choc mousse than a runny hot choc - it made a great hot pudding!  And yeah - it's a drink, but a drink that does work well for a cold evening.  We don't have many of those at the moment, but we do have a couple more of the choc on sticks so I'll get to luxuriate in these for a while yet.

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