20 June 2023

Cadbury Mint Flavour Twirl (Co-Op) By @Cinabar

Cadbury Mint Flavour Twirl

This is not the Cadbury Mint Twirl we wrote about four months ago. That was an imported chocolate bar from Australia. This is much more exciting, this is a new British version - we finally got our own Mint Twirl! I love a limited edition, and I love mint chocolate, so I’m seriously excited to tuck in.

There are two bars in the pack, and they are like a milk chocolate-dipped flake. I opened up the park and immediately could smell the chocolate mint, and it was lovely. I bit into the first crumbly bar, and it had such a good flavour. The peppermint taste was sweet and strong, but well balanced with the milk chocolate. The mint is a burst of flavour, then the creamy milk chocolate hits, and the taste is sweet and mellow. Couple this with the fun texture of a flakey Twirl bar, and you have a dream bar. I'm so pleased this came out in the UK, and I hope it will be around for a while.


Anonymous said...

What park are you referring to?

Q said...

“ and you part much have a dream bar” -is AI writing these?!

cinabar said...

I think AI would have better grammar! No, my computer died, and this and one other blog were written on my phone :( I'm going to go back and check out the other blog post too! I have a new laptop now, so hopefully things will get back to their usual mediocre English standard again! :D