29 June 2023

HIP POP - groovy small batch UK soft drinks @drinkhippop [@NLi10]

I get a lot of targeted Facebook adverts for food & drink - and I buy a lot of them!

Here I got advertised a cool, UK based brewed soft/ social drinks company HIP POP and I figured I'd bump into them in stores.  I failed to do so - and so I got in touch with them and ordered a mixed case.

This is the Buddhist approach to sampling a companies wares (one with everything) as I basically couldn't decide which I'd like most.

It comes in a pretty sturdy box

That I've now flipped on it's side and am using like a wine-rack for cans, and as the first pic shows they look fantastic (to the extent that I've already lost two cans to on-lookers).

First up - the baseline - Lemonade.  It's got fibre in it apparently which is confusing but not noticeable.  The flavour is well rounded, the sweetness is spot on (no sweeteners too so my mom can have these!) and it's a great pub lemonade.

The Kombuchas are a little different to the normal pops, again - no sweeteners but lots of culture.

These are very kombucha - of you don't like the 'vinegar' side of this drink then this is not for you - but fortunately I'm into this.  The flavours are quite slight, but that's just the nature of the thing.  Lovely stuff.

Cola - closer to the Fentiman's traditional cola taste than the modern corporate one - and a lovely smooth sweetness too.  As a lot of the bigger brands recalculate their formulas to avoid the sugar tax, smaller brands like this are going to thrive. 

Not a fan of grapefruit, but a big fan of blood orange - and this mix works well.  Again - the kombucha flavour is much stronger than the extra flavours.  The CBD here is unobtrusive and took a little while to have any noticeable effect but it did take the micro-pains from my arthritis off eventually which is a nice bonus.

Similar to the above - the cherry sweetness is nice and the kombucha CBD mix is still good.

This one I probably couldn't have guessed the flavour of, but it was just a nice tropical kombucha.

So - six cans in - what's the verdict?

The Kombuchas all taste very similar, I'm not sure that I have a favourite, but I bet if I tried them side by side then I'd know which was which. The CBD is a nice bonus, but I don't feel it really adds much to drinks.

The regular pops (lemonade & cola) are the stars - these are really grown-up versions of their respective drinks.  I hope that pubs can get a few of these in for the summer.

As something to offer guests though these are absolutely perfect. Little self-contained tins of awesomeness.  In fact I think I'll test the Orange one now...

You can message them on the website to create your own box, but the Buddha Box I had is linked here.  It's not an affiliate link or anything, it's just good enough to share!

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