22 June 2023

SPAM - Chip Shop Curry Fritters - Iceland [@NLi10]

 Iceland have some good weird food - I reviewed the original SPAM fritters what seems like ages ago, and recently (when I got the Lewis Capaldi Pizzas) I spotted this variation.

Mostly this just makes me worry about store-bought chicken Kiev - but it's a neat idea - put a spicy sauce in the middle of the spam and make it more like a meal!

Thing is - these are basically nuggets.  Two in a box and they aren't that big.

See - mini sausage rolls for scale  (and not because I'm greedy)

And here is the finished product - not quite as runny as the pictures on the box, but I think that the 2nd one was a bit gloopier so maybe I needed the oven on for a bit longer - but it's a heatwave so I stuck to the timings.

And?  They are decent. Filling for the size (but I really needed 2), but did want a few veggies and carbs adding to make it a meal.  The flavour is the usual salty spam luncheon meat, and the chip shop curry is the English Katsu it's always been.

A decent variation on the classic then, a bit more pricey than the plain ones but on special offer its a nice change.  Would be improved by adding chip shop chips as well though!

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