4 June 2023

Lichfield Food Festival with @revibedrinks [@NLi10]

I grew up near a little place called Lichfield - it's got lots of Historical things and pretty old buildings.  Occasionally - to trick the locals into going back to the tourist focused shops - they hold events like the Food Festival (this year 20th May) where we come back to the region to look at how much as changed and to pay twice as much for street food

Looks nice though - doesn't it! No wonder it's popular with the tourists

Some new little places to go back to when it's less busy have appeared

We bumped into this stall quite early on - and free sips of fizzy drinks are really welcome in the heat.  Essentially its a family company that's making a lovely little fortified fizzy water with exciting things added.  The flavours are interesting but not overpowering and the benefits are mostly invigorating and not dubious science ones like some of the competitors. 

And it's good stuff.  If I spot this around I'll likely pick up more.  It's kind of in the odd spot between just drinking water, and having one of the fruit juice based things.  Very welcome out and about on a hot day - and I'd have probably picked up more if I hadn't have faced the prospect of lugging it about all day.

A good alternative social drink too - people get confused when you go out and drink water in pubs - but this would blend in a lot easier.

Chosen lunch was by these Gyro Guys - a wrap and fries sounds good.

They put the fries in the wrap (naan) so this was a little confusing, but it all worked great and the chicken was nice.  Lots of foil so you don't wear the sauce.

They had a halloumi one for the veggie too so my partner could join in.

For pudding we crossed back to the end of town with the Thai restaurants and found The Sunrise Patisserie selling a variety of Pastal de Nata

Obviously they are all essentially the same thing but with modified toppings, but as I could eat a dozen of these without effort getting 6 for £10 was the correct deal.

Some made it home!

Essentially these are a little 'meatier' than the supermarket ones having a heavier filling and a tougher pastry.  Really nice though - not too sweet, and with a fruity or choccy topper depending on which one you have.  I'd say these were worth the premium price, but I'd have been better eating them on the day without carrying them about - even though the cardboard tube was very clever it did dump the topping from one onto the one next to it.

Overall a fab day out in the crowds of Lichfield.  If you are local these are well worth the trip, if you are a tourist then the normal shops will be back open and ready to give you tea once the market stalls vanish!

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