10 June 2023

Rekorderlig Blood Orange (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Rekorderlig Blood Orange

It's rare I fancy a cider, and it's even rarer if it's a flavoured cider. I've tried flavoured ciders before and rarely like them. However, a nice sweet cider washing down a pork meal of some kind usually works rather well. I have a Chinese takeaway tonight where I always have Pork Yuk Sung, so it seems like a good idea to crack open this Rekorderlig Blood Orange pear cider.

This premium Swedish pear cider is 4% in volume and was blended with Blood Oranges, and made from pure Swedish spring water. A hot day like this deserves a nice cold drink. The bottle recommended serving this Rekorderlig Blood Orange pear cider with some ice and a slice of orange. No oranges to hand and with a certain laziness in finding some ice, I left the bottle in the fridge for much of the day.

On opening the bottle of this Rekorderlig Blood Orange pear cider there was a strong smell of oranges with a milder aroma of pear cider. On pouring this lightly fizzy drink it was orange to almost pinkish in colour. Gosh this is a refreshing cider, full of sweet blood orange flavour with a touch of bitterness from the pear cider just nudging behind it. This cider is perfect for a lazy sunny afternoon with a good book in the garden. It also went rather well with my Pork Yuk Sung too.

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