21 June 2023

Walkers Wotsits Really Cheesy Flavour Crisps (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Walkers Wotsits Really Cheesy Flavour Crisps

I really fancied a bag of Walkers Wotsits the other day, and found a multipack in a local garage supermarket nearby. I don't know why I suddenly had a craving for them, I haven't had a packet of Wotsits for ages, but maybe that's the reason. It's not that I don't like them, it's just usually I gravitate around other flavours of crisps, such as; ready salted, salt and vinegar, beef, or sea salt and black pepper. I find they go much better with beer.

Anyway, then a few days later Cinabar bought a multipack of these limited edition Walkers Wotsits Really Cheesy Flavour Crisps. "They probably won't taste much different," she says, but maybe they will? Sure, they'll smell much the same with all that cheesy seasoning, but these crisps are made from potatoes, rather than the usual Wotsits' maize. So, they'll not only look different, but they'll probably taste a little different too. The question is, is that 'different' better, worse, or just a bit weird?

On opening the packet I realised very quickly that I was wrong about them smelling the same as regular Wotsits, as these Walkers Wotsits Really Cheesy Flavour Crisps smelt of cheesy potato crisps. They tasted a little more salty than usual Wotsits too, nice and crunchy though, with a cheesiness to start with that was reminiscent of Wotsits, and then that luscious saltiness. I really liked them, though they didn't taste much like the normal Wotsits. Better I thought. Cheesy potato crisps for the win. Though if they hadn't have put Wotsits on the front of the packet, I'd have just figured they were cheese and sea salt flavour, or something like that!

Information on the packet;
Each 24g packet has 113 calories, with 5g of fat, 0.5g of sugar and 0.23g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

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