11 June 2023

Takis Blue Heat & PiuPiu [@NLi10]

We love spicy crisps in my family and teenage birthday girl Jody had never tried them!  I picked up two bags (for a premium £3.50 each) from a reliable snack store by Walsall Bus Station that's been a source of many oddities over the years.

PiuPiu from YouTube is helping here.

We've had the Fuego Takis quite a lot, but I've not had the blue ones before either.  Oddly these seem to be American imports instead of Spanish ones which I'd have thought were cheaper!

Blue food is always very odd.  

And here it is next to the Pepsi twist.

Jody liked the flavour but wasn't a fan of the textures.

I liked it - it's a slow burn and a very flat flavour compared to the lime infused fuego, but if these were for me to keep I'd have eaten them all.  They were however a present and to share so hopefully the other party goers enjoyed them too - and hopefully they become a 'native' snack so I can pay less per bag in future!!

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