15 June 2023

Fentimans Good & Fruity and Attic Brew Intuition [@NLi10]

Fentimans have rejigged a few drinks to take sugar out and put sweeteners in meaning I've possibly had my last Full Strength Curiosity Cola. :(

They have however released a few other things to fill in the gaps - and because they are designed with the sugar changes in mind they should be more interesting!

Fentimans Good & Fruity is one such drink - it's still (hurray!) and has some fun flavours - we tried Cherry & Blood Orange.  Unfortunately it's basically just fruity water.

Spring water & pear juice plus 6% of the target flavours.  I'm not against this, but I'd want a lot bigger drink than 250ml.  It wasn't bad, I'd rather just have 500ml of water for the same price really.

At a family party recently I got to try the Intuition Pale from Attic Brew - and I liked it!  I meant to take more pictures but one of the people there asked why I was taking pictures of the can and so I spent ages talking about the blog instead of getting more pictures. Ah well. I'm sure I'll have more of this one.

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