8 June 2023

Sweet Chipotle Chilli Flavour Popped Crisps (Work Cafe) By @SpectreUK

Sweet Chipotle Chilli Flavour Popped Crisps

I usually like spicy snacks, but must have missed these, and I can't think why. I bought these Popworks Sweet Chipotle Chilli Flavour Popped Crisps a while ago at work. I haven't been avoiding these popped crisps or anything, even if there is a two chilli 'warning' on the front of the packet. It's just that I bought a lot of varying healthy snacks whilst I worked at my last place, and have blogged about or just munched on them all except this packet. I reckon it just got missed on the Foodstufffinds shelf. Oh well, I wonder what they taste like.

I had some sliced ham, a spare egg and some mushrooms handy, so been as though these crisps were popped and not fried, I decided to have a fried egg on ham sandwich, with fried mushrooms on the side. I know… but I can't always be good. Besides, sometimes it's good to be bad.

Sweet Chipotle Chilli Flavour Popped Crisps

On opening the packet there were chilli flecks visible in the popped triangle crisps. On first taste this crisps had a hearty crunch. There was a luscious sweet chilli and pepper flavour to begin with, followed by a good strong chilli burn. I liked these crisps for their tasty chilli and pepper flavour, their crunchy healthy feel, and especially for their medium chilli burn. It is lucky that I've just seen more packets in our local Co-op, as I don't want to go to work there again just to get more packets.

Information on the packet; The 28g bag contained 123 calories, with 3.7g of fat, 1.3G of sugar, and 0.26g of salt. Gluten free, and with no artificial colours or preservatives. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Sweet Chipotle Chilli Flavour Popped Crisps

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