12 October 2022

Kit Kat Chunky Lotus Biscoff (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Kit Kat Chunky Lotus Biscoff

Finally someone listens to me. Okay, so it probably wasn't me, but at least Nestle have created what I wanted. A couple of months ago I blogged about a mini Kit Kat Lotus Biscoff. I said that compared to the amount of calories that were in it, the bar was way too tiny. I also said that all I could think about at the time was a Kit Kat Chunky. Well, now Nestle have produced a Kit Kat Chunky Lotus Biscoff.

I had a good cup of fairly milky tea with a couple of original Lotus Biscoff on the side to compare their flavour with this Kit Kat Chunky Lotus Biscoff. On opening the wrapper I could see the thick coating of Nestle milk chocolate. On first bite there was a topper of creamy Lotus Biscoff followed by three wafers underneath. This bar had a good crunch and a little spiciness from the Lotus Biscoff flavour. Not as spicy as the original Lotus Biscoff, but the flavour was there all the same, and all covered in luscious milk chocolate.

This Kit Kat Chunky Lotus Biscoff was very flavoursome indeed and I'd definitely have it in regularly. It went rather well with my cup of milky tea and original Lotus Biscoff on the side. I even managed to save a little calories for some toffee popcorn and vanilla ice cream too.

Information on the wrapper; Per 42g bar was 221 calories, with 5.8g of fat, 18.9g of sugar, 0.12g of salt. Please see see attached photograph for the ingredients.

Kit Kat Chunky Lotus Biscoff

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Mevrouw Niekje said...

A very traditional Dutch biscuit is 'speculaas' It is eating mostly during the colder months. Many Dutch people eat them as a sandwich filler, with a generous spreading of butter on soft white bread. Fresh they are crunchy. After a few hours in the lunch box they have become soft and as such resemble Lotus biscoff paste!