29 October 2022

Tempest Brewing Co Mexicake Stout (The Wee Beer Shop @WeeBeerShop) By @SpectreUK

Tempest Brewing Co Mexicake Stout

I fancy a warming stout with my steak and chips tonight. However, when I mentioned that I fancied a warming stout, Cinabar took this to heart and it being nearly Halloween and all, she found this Mexicake. It promises to most definitely warm me up on this dark damp night, as it's brewed with chiles.

This whopping 10% in volume Mexicake Imperial Stout was flavoured with chile, chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla. Produced by Tempest Brewing Company, Chipotle and Mulato Chiles were used in the brewing, as well as cinnamon spice, and both chocolate and vanilla beans. I'm expecting a fiery kick from this spicy stout, with a creamy chocolate finish to help put out the flames.

There was a deep dark chocolatey aroma on opening the can, with a promise of chile fire from the smoky spicy smell that followed. On taste this almost black stout was sumptuously creamy to begin with. It was like sipping chocolate velvet. Then the spices kicked in straight away afterwards. There was a smoky chile burn that followed the creamy chocolate outer shell, so to speak. Almost like a liquid chile chocolate bar.

I feel like I've had a visit from the Trick or Treaters. Mexicake really was a little like drinking a liquid chocolate bar with chile in it, and a little beer. Gorgeously creamy chocolate to begin with for the Treat, two types of chile with a little cinnamon for the fiery Trick, and back to a little chocolate cream to finish. Mexicake has it all, and with some reminders of malts and hops in the background. This brew left my mouth warm and tingling just like every chile should. I should imagine with their love of chiles, Mexicans would love this Mexicake too.

Happy Halloween for Monday. Boo!

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