25 October 2022

Gingerbread Flavour Hot Chocolate (Asda) By @Cinabar

Gingerbread Flavour Hot Chocolate (Asda)

Here we have a seasonal supermarket's own instant drink, Gingerbread Flavour Hot Chocolate. I am super fussy when it comes to instant hot chocolate. I have had some good ones, but mostly they taste watery and are unimpressive, but to be fair, the flavoured hot chocolates usually fare the best.

I popped the lid off the hot chocolate and was able to immediately pick up on a lovely chocolate and ginger aroma. The instructions said three to four teaspoons of powder per mug. I went with four as I hate weak hot chocolate. I added the hot water and stirred, and then I stirred some more. Then I stopped, looked at the lumps that were appearing at the top, and stirred some more. The situation improved, but I couldn’t get rid of all the lumps. Not a great start.

I gave the drink a sip and there was a good flavour. It wasn’t too strong with four teaspoons, so I’m very glad I didn’t risk three. The gingerbread flavour has a nice ginger spice and a golden syrup treacle taste, and the milk chocolate was gently there. Asda Gingerbread Flavour Hot Chocolate is a warming drink and very enjoyable. Definitely one to top with cream and marshmallows for the ultimate luxury. That would also cover those stubborn lumps I could mix in! 

Gingerbread Flavour Hot Chocolate (Asda)

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