18 October 2022

Whippet Black Forest Marshmallow Cookies (Candy Mail) By @Cinabar

Whippet Black Forest Marshmallow Cookies

These Whippet Black Forest Marshmallow Cookies are from the import store and came from Canada originally. When I look at them I want to say Tea Cakes, not Teacakes, which is something totally different, but Tea Cakes two words. I think that must be the British (or maybe even more regional than that) name for this sort of biscuit, with mallow and chocolate.

These Whippet Black Forest Marshmallow Cookies are baked with a dark chocolate biscuit, a cherry jam and dark chocolate coating and the vanilla marshmallow and you have the basic flavours of black forest gateau, one of my favourite desserts.

I opened up the box and was a bit disappointed that all of them were in one container, so once it is opened it is you have opened the lot. I only wanted a couple and would have liked them to be in two sections at least. I gave one a try and it was super nice. I was impressed that the dark chocolate was quite strong and the cherry jam was good and fruity. The biscuit on the base had plenty of chocolate and wasn’t too hard. They really did make me think of Black Forest gateau, so they did the joy really well. The only issue I have with them is the amount in the box, and how long it will take to eat versus how long they will stay fresh. Oh well, first world problems and all that.

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