2 October 2022

Vadasz Raw kimchi - spicy health toppings (@NLi10)

Kimchi is one of those popular 'super-foods' that showed up for a while in recipes and restaurants and seemed to get replaced (in the UK at least) by pink 'slaw.  This is quite disappointing to me as I'd much rather have this.

Kimchi (similar to Kombucha) is a fermented mix of all kinds of things - in this case veggies.  You kind of get the effect of pickles, but with lots of friendly bugs and things.  The ingredients are listed as 
"Chinese Leaf Cabbage, Carrots, Spring Onion, Sea Salt, Chilli Powder, Ginger, Garlic"
and you can certainly taste the chilli and other exciting spices!

I've been slipping it on to the side of the plate for all kinds of meals - but it'd be especially perfect for Christmas dinner style leftover plates.  We picked this up from Marks & Spencer's but it's also available from Waitrose themselves.

I'd been a little sceptical that this would be as good as the small producer stuff you can pick up at health markets, but I'm pleasantly surprised and want to try the other things in the range such as sauerkraut. 


Anonymous said...

It isn't the best out there but is definitely something I'm personally never without -it's brilliant for something you can buy in supermarkets (sainsburys also stock them, although waitrose stock more of the range. If it's stocked, that is.) The beetroot kimchi is interesting and worth a go but this one is definitely the reliable staple. If you find it, the sauerkraut is even better. I'm still gutted that the waitrose store I'm allocated to for delivery delisted that in favour of the two kinds of kimchi and hoping it'll return. Before I'm driven to making my own again -even better but effort beyond my present circumstances.
So yeah -do try the sauer!

NLi10 said...

Thanks for the tips - we got it from M&S so Ocado might deliver you a pot!