21 October 2022

Hostess Coffee Cakes - Cinnamon Streusel (Candy Mail) By @Cinabar

Hostess Coffee Cakes - Cinnamon Streusel

I actually searched the online import shop for cinnamon, that is how committed I am to my favourite flavour and this Hostess Coffee Cakes Cinnamon Streusel appeared, so I bought a pack. It says that the cake has a ‘new look’ which I can’t comment on as I didn’t see the original. Was it more crumbly? Hostess cakes are best known for their Twinkies and although you can find those in the UK, you don’t see much else from the brand, so I was very happy to find these. I unwrapped the cake and the topping was crumbly, as a streusel should be. There was a lovely aroma of cinnamon. The cake was quite moist, almost sticky and the crumble, well crumbled. There were also two cakes in the pack and so pretty generous as each one was a nice chunk of cake.

I gave one a try and there was plenty of spice. This is a proper cinnamon hit, which was wonderful. The flavour was a lot stronger than I had expected, it was sweet though, which gave balance. These cakes are designed to be had with coffee, so that is what I did and the sweet heady flavours of cinnamon did go very well with a nice cup of hot coffee. This is the perfect autumnal afternoon treat. I love these flavours and can’t wait to tuck into the other cake tomorrow. I am biased, I do believe cinnamon is the greatest of all the spices and these Hostess Coffee Cakes Cinnamon Streusel will be a repurchase on my next order. Gosh, I hope they are not just seasonal.

Hostess Coffee Cakes - Cinnamon Streusel

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