3 October 2022

Dreamworld Limited Edition Coca Cola (WH Smith) By @Cinabar

Dreamworld Limited Edition Coca Cola

I actually feel confident about this one. We have been trying quite a few items recently with mystery flavours and I find it really hard to guess them. Sure I can categorise them into fruity etc, but actually narrowing down the taste to a precise flavour is so difficult. The guess from the Cadbury Dairy Milk bars says it all really, not many repeated ideas in the comments at all.

Anyway this particular drink didn’t offer clues from the name, Dreamworld Limited Edition Coca Cola but the minute I poured it out I could already pick up a fruity finish from the aroma. When I gave it a sip my brain narrowed this down to tropical fruit, and further still I ended up with smooth sweet mango. I think there may have been a hint of papaya too, but the mango I am sure about. I love mango, I know the flavour well so I’m happy with this. It also worked surprisingly well with cola, but the fruit flavours often do. It had such a nice tropical edge I was savouring the rest of the can. It was a delight to drink and if they made them in multipack cans I’d be buying them up.

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