1 October 2022

Maple Pancake Pale Ale (@fiercetaproom) By @SpectreUK

Maple Pancake Pale Ale Fierce

The temperature has dropped quite considerably here in the UK, and the weather has turned back to it's usual cold and damp. It's feeling pretty far from the Summertime now. It's definitely comfort food and drink weather, so what better brew than a Maple Pancake Pale Ale from the Fierce Brewery? I guess there's only one way I'll find out.

This 6.5% in volume Maple Pancake Pale Ale was brewed with Vegan pancakes and Canadian Maple Syrup,. The can recommended having a Vegan breakfast with this beer, or even a little bacon. Tonight we have a Dominoes takeaway, so I shall try the Meatilicious (I hope I spelt that right), which happens to have bacon on it. Part of the reason I picked this beer in the first place, I couldn't be bothered with a pizza that doesn't have bacon on it.

On opening the can there was there was a sweet maple syrup aroma with a touch of pale malt underneath. Famous for my sweet tooth, I can't imagine many better ingredients to sweeten a beer than maple syrup. Oh, I do really love honey beer and also chocolate beer too though.

This Maple Pancake Pale Ale was a deep misty brown in colour. It looked more like a brown ale, rather than a pale ale. However the flavour railed against the look quite considerably. There was quite a bitter sharp edge to this pale ale on first taste. A biting herbal hop bitterness almost cut straight through my tongue. This hoppy bitterness was quickly followed by sweet Canadian Maple Syrup. The syrupy sweetness coaxed out the pale malt to join in a merry dance into the aftertaste in an attempt to cheer up my severed tongue. No wonder they call it the Fierce Brewery.

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