19 October 2022

Tic Tac Fresh Grapefruit Mint (WH Smith) By @SpectreUK

Tic Tac Fresh Grapefruit Mint

I only seemed to have Tic Tacs when I was a kid on holiday somewhere in France. I don't know why I only had them in France, as we traveled all over Europe when I was a child being dragged on holiday by my parents. I actually loved the big road trips from where we lived near Birmingham right down to the south of Spain. There were lots of stop offs in different places along the way and quite a few motorway services, which were generally next to the tolls. My favourite Tic Tac flavour was orange. I did try a few other flavours, but orange was always my favourite.

Now I do like grapefruit, especially tart grapefruit juice that makes my face twist a little on drinking first thing in the morning. Grapefruit juice is a good waker-upper. Grapefruit and mint I'm not so sure about. Grapefruit and Mint Tic Tacs with "Cooling Crystals" definitely sounds like it would wake me up in the morning. Although it also sounds a little like a flavour of toothpaste.

These New Tic Tac Fresh Grapefruit Mint are sugar free. I had the timeless pleasure of popping open the top of the plastic Tic Tac box to get to the white slightly flatter looking Tic Tacs than I remember. On first crunchy taste there was certainly a tart zing of grapefruit followed quickly on its heals by a sheer minty flavour, and then a sharp cooling sensation that slapped me around the face a little. Despite the strange flavour combinations and cooling sensation to finish, I actually quite liked the Tic Tac Fresh Grapefruit Mint, but I have to say that they just made me crave the orange flavour. Now where can I get those?

Tic Tac Fresh Grapefruit Mint


sm said...

is this halal or haram because here some faty acid from animal or plant ?

cinabar said...

Apologies I'm not sure, and this post is nearly a year old. You would need to check with the company that make them.