22 October 2022

Pilgrim Pumpkin Spiced Ale (The Wee Beer Shop @WeeBeerShop @AbbeydaleBeers) By @SpectreUK

Abbeydale Pilgrim Pumpkin Spiced Ale

I fancy a spicy brew on the run up to Halloween. This Pilgrim Pumpkin Spiced Ale may be something I've been looking for quite sometime. I do love a spicy beer, and I also usually love a pumpkin beer. There has been only one pumpkin beer I didn't particularly enjoy, but that was so strong in other flavours that I couldn't taste the pumpkin flavour.

Produced by Abbeydale Brewery this Pilgrim Pumpkin Spiced Ale was made with pumpkin, Allspice, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg. This 5% in volume ale should warm me up from the dreary cold damp weather outside. On opening the beer there was certainly a spicy aroma from the deep golden ale inside. There was also quite a herbal hop smell mixed in with all those various spices.

On taste the combination of spices in Pilgrim Pumpkin Spiced Ale tickled my tastebuds to begin with, followed by a light bitterness from the hops, and then a fruity pumpkin taste which merged with a the sweet barley malts. This was a warming spicy aromatic beer with a noticeable pumpkin flavour followed by sweet barley malt into the aftertaste.

Pilgrim Pumpkin Spiced Ale was a very flavoursome ale indeed, with a spiciness and fruitiness which went very well with my Chinese takeaway. I also reckon it would go rather well with a cheese and cold meats meal on a Sunday night. It's just lucky I have another can to try it with too.

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