27 October 2022

Justin's Of Whitby - Pumpkin Halloween Chocolate (@NLi10)

 While on holiday in Whitby I wanted to pick up some spooky snacks for review - but the majority were just things I'd seen before.

It was a lovely blue-sky day so there were no Dracula's to be seen (and we left before sun-down because we are smart)

On the walk up to the wonderful ruined abbey I spotted this little sign for an ornate looking chocolate shop

And while it's more fudge & toffee specialists - they do sell some tourist bait for me!  The website seems to be down now - but they have a phone number and Facebook if you wanted to see more

What's in that window display?

Coffins!  I bumped my head on the way in so all conversations automatically became a bit awkward so instead of finding out if I'd like a coffin I decided just to go for one of the themed bars - as I could tell that they'd be luxury chocolate even if the flavours probably were quite familiar.

We waited until we were back home so the cats got a look-in too.

And the little sugar ghosts and pumpkins were a nice touch too!

The bar is a really creamy white chocolate (similar to the classic Thornton's style - but thicker) and the pumpkin was a sparkle covered milk chocolate - very light and friendly and went well with the white.  While these are clearly designed to be easily transported gifts it was a nice luxurious treat - and not too spooky.

Unlike the wall of masks in the shop a few doors down!

Whitby really is gearing up for the spooky season, but I'll stick to the snacks thanks!

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