20 October 2022

KAH - Day Of The Dead Tequila & Spooky Cocktails (@BettyBB & @WolfStudiosArt)

Guest review from @BettyBB & @WolfStudiosArt as they are experts on spirits of all kinds...

Ok so it’s the spooky season and here in the Wolfie household, we love all things Halloween, bring on the ghouls, the zombies and all the sweets.

Now as much as we love a variety of horror films (my fave is The Devils Rejects and Mr Wolfe's is Blair Witch Project), tequila can also be enjoyed a variety of ways. But don't get it twisted, tequila has always been my shot of choice but as I've gotten older, I like to experiment with how I can enjoy it.

The Mexican traditional holiday of “Day of the Dead” or “Día de los Muertos” is where the souls of those who have passed are celebrated is something we love in casa del Wolfie (it played a huge part in our wedding and I have two Day of the Dead inspired tattoos myself). So when I discovered that KAH tequila had a new sugar skull inspired bottle, I had to give it a go! Not only is the bottle pretty (It looks great in the drinks cabinet), it tastes yummy. For a a blanco tequila, it has a grassy, floral note, a subtle citrus flavour with the sweetness of the agave, taking away the sharpness that usually leaves you with that burning sensation as you take a shot. This flavour profile also makes it great in cocktails as it blends nicely but still gives the distinct presence of tequila. Oh hi, there you are.

As a fan of the margarita, I whipped up a classic with lime sours and a special green syrup giving it a great two tone - giving raised from the dead vibes - and a blood red cherry and raspberry frozen margarita with a chilli rim (gotta bring that spice!!) as well as raising a shot to those that have passed.

As we settle into the season of the witch, we don’t foresee this bottle lasting long. Stay spooky!!! 🖤

Artwork by @WolfStudiosArt

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