6 October 2022

Pokenori by Yakinori - delivered Pokebowls (@NLi10)

Last week,  no one really fancied cooking so i bravely looked on Uber eats for something that wasn't too unhealthy - and found that our good friends at Yakinori now had their own range of pokebowls for delivery.

Luna is quite excited too!

This is the veggie option, it has aubergine in and noodles underneath


This was mine - chicken with some avocado stashed in 'off menu' on some really tasty rice.

and both were amazing.  We'd been meaning to visit their Birmingham store since they opened on New Street - but then their landlord had a flood in the flat above and it's been closed ever since.

This was a great, healthy way to sample their fantastic food without visiting the store, and a much healthier option to pop on the regular delivery schedule.

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