30 October 2022

Mr Fitzpatrick's Blood Tonic Cordial - spooky sauce? (@NLi10)

It's Halloween tomorrow so lets round up with this spooky cordial we picked up off the display table at a posh garden centre!

It's clearly targeted at this season so lets see what it's like.

Certainly looks the part.  I remember from the Dandelion & Burdock cordial (which was great but not something you tend to drink 'still') that you want to make them strong with this so I was a bit heavy handed here.

Ooh - it's clearly blood! Even though it smells like bubble gum.

And even with the portions I went for it's a little weak.  Nicely refreshing, but not so spooky - probably best dunked into cocktails or mixed with a good lemonade...

In other spooky news we went for a Ghost Walk at Aston Hall - just as the sun started to go down.

Here you got lots of spooky tales about things that had happened in this local stately home, with a little local flavour thrown in.  Some costumes, but no jump-scares which was nice - but lots of moody lighting for the really atmospheric rooms.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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