4 October 2022

Maple Hazelnut Latte (Costa) By @Cinabar

Maple Hazelnut Latte (Costa)

Autumn is here, the heating has gone on (albeit a degree or so cooler on the thermostat to save on energy costs) and the new season of drinks is hitting the coffee shops. I love pumpkin lattes and everything about autumn, but Costa has something a little bit different. I put my order in for a Maple Hazelnut Latte with cream. I can't resist a seasonal drink. The drink came topped with cream and sprinkles, which I think included hazelnut bits but also something red and sweet.

The drink is also very sweet. It is made with a syrup, and I could pick up the hazelnut immediately. I enjoyed the nutty flavour, there is also a sweetness of maple which did taste like the syrup, sweet but wholesome like a burnt caramel. This is a soothing drink and I had mine on the way to the office. It is probably not really a breakfast drink, it feels more like an afternoon pick me up. I have a sweet tooth, so for me it didn't really matter.

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