8 August 2021

Chaiiwala Birmingham - delivering lunch for the busy workers - Paratha & Chai (@NLi10)

Well - I'm about to go from having had no Paratha to having 2 different ones in the same week!

Work suggested that instead of having pizza this week that we should try Chaiiwala on the Soho Road - and I was happy to join in.

A little later my tray appeared!

Along with the meal you get a tea.  Very milky and very fragrant with far too much sweetness. It was awesome! Also one of our staff members didn't like it so I got to drink two.

Here we have a tomato & masala omelette, two paratha and my chosen side of Chana.

Nothing here was too spicy for me, and the flavours balanced each other well.  I cheated by using cutlery, but did mop up the dip with my paratha.  I found these to be a little more tough than the hope fried ones, but I think that's due to travel and the fact that I ate mine immediately.  I'd never considered mixing masala into omelettes before so that was a lovely surprise!

Overall I'd have this again, but I'd try other things on the menu like the layered wraps and pudding paratha.

We used Uber eats for the delivery.

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wirld wide sweet blog said...

Hello I've been there the sanwick I can't remember what it was called was nice and wasn't to spicy the tea is good to.