5 August 2021

What are Paratha, and how do we cook them at home? (@NLi10)

 I was told that we had dinner provided for us by our guests, and that my paratha was in the freezer.  And for once - I had no idea what this was!  

With a name that sounds suspiciously like a late generation Pokémon, paratha are a 'traditional South Asian Flatbread' that not only looks pretty fun, but also cooks from frozen.

I'd been given it to go with a dahl.

It's a pancake then?

Looks like it - lets fry it up!  Keep flipping to stop it sticking, and give it a pat to keep it cooking evenly.

Its getting a little crispier... and it smells of BUTTER

Its really puffed up! And its amazing.  It's somewhere between naan and a potato cake, even though there are no potatoes in this! 

So fantastic, and a great alternative to some of the sides we usually have.  maybe not diet friendly (so much butter) but so yummy.


Anonymous said...

Well, yeah except there clearly IS no butter in these.

zeddy said...

The onion infused variety are in my opinion, even tastier.

cinabar said...

I think he meant margarine not butter.

NLi10 said...

Yeah - sorry - using marge & butter too interchangeably here.