16 August 2021

Bourbon Creams (Morrison’s) By @cinabar

Bourbon Creams (Morrison’s)

There’s new bourbon creams have been doing the rounds on social media as the latest in hybrid snacks of choice. If croissants and donuts make “Cronuts” what do you get if you cross the chocolate Bourbon biscuits with the Custard Cream? The new Bourbon Cream of course. These biscuits have been invented by some clever cookie (pun intended) at Morrison’s where the biscuit is Bourbon but the filling is Custard Cream. As a fan of both biscuits I thought I’d join the hype train and give them a try.

There is no plastic tray inside the biscuit packet, but the biscuits were still in one piece. I pulled one of the biscuits apart and could see the dollop of custard cream inside the darker biscuit. These looked good. I like double layered biscuits because I’m a fan of texture and I like the way they crunch. I gave one a taste test, and I have to admit they were good. They had all the chocolate flavour off Bourbon biscuits but the centre was lovely and creamy and this added something new. The best part of a Custard Cream is the cream, it is good stuff and made these Bourbon Creams very enjoyable, a nice mellow addition. There was still enough chocolate from the biscuit part and the whole thing had a chocolate biscuits with cream kind of vibe. I liked them, I even dunked a couple in hot chocolate which worked like a dream.

Let’s all be honest for a minute though and acknowledge that doing this the other way around (Custard Cream biscuits with a chocolate filling from a Bourbon) wouldn’t have a hope of working, the Bourbon Cream gets the best parts of both.

Bourbon Creams (Morrison’s)

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Anonymous said...

Argually not technically a hybrid and could be better marketed -with potential for range expansion- as biscuits for the indecisive. Classic biscuits in compulsory juxtaposition.