25 August 2021

Cadbury Flake Caramilk (GB Gifts) By @SpectreUK

Cadbury Flake Caramilk

I must have done something right because Cinabar has asked me to write about this Cadbury Flake Caramilk. Described as the "crumbliest creamy taste of caramelised white chocolate" this Cadbury Flake Caramilk should go rather well with a mug of my favourite white hot chocolate drink, and maybe a pot of low calorie vanilla ice cream after dinner. Mmm… well, we have to spoil ourselves sometimes!

On unwrapping the Cadbury Flake Caramilk the dangerously crumbly off-white bar inside smelt of sweet caramel and white chocolate. I was desperately trying not to lose any whilst trying to eat it and type about it. There is a white chocolate creaminess to start with on first bite which instantly merges with the sweet caramel. These two flavours filled and washed around my mouth as the flakey pieces melted. Gosh, this Cadbury Flake Caramilk was heavenly, especially accompanied by a low calorie vanilla ice cream and washed down with a steaming mug of white hot chocolate.

Information on the packet; The 30g bar has approximately 165 calories, with 9.7g of fat, 17.4g of sugar, and 26mg of salt. Please see the ingredients in the photograph.

Cadbury Flake Caramilk

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