14 August 2021

Jack Ratt Barrel Select Cider (Lyme Bay Winery) By @SpectreUK

Jack Ratt Barrel Select Cider (Lyme Bay Winery)

I've loved every mead that I have tried that has been produced by the Lyme Bay Winery, and there has been quite a few. I especially adore their flagons of mead, of which I order quite a few to enjoy with my favourite fig biscuits after dinner. This 8% in volume Jack Ratt Barrel Select Cider should go down a treat with those very same fig biscuits.

Jack Ratt Barrel Select Cider Is made with West Country cider apples and aged in oak barrels that previously held spiced rum. I would think that would be Lyme Bay Winery's Lugger Rum, which I've also enjoyed a few tots of in the past. The back of the Jack Ratt bottle states it "has a bittersweet flavour with a smooth rounded finish." It recommends pork dishes and caramelised vegetables. Unfortunately I have neither for dinner. Alternatively I have a sirloin steak and chips. I usually prefer to wash a steak down with a stout. Oh, well… I'm still going to try Jack Ratt Barrel Select Cider with my fig biscuits instead.

On opening the bottle there was a spicy smell mixed with a bitter apple cider aroma. On taste this cider has quite a kick from the barrel's rum and spices. There is a warming flavoursome bitterness to begin with, which would be perfect for the Autumn and Winter months. This spicy bitterness smooths out with a slightly tart cider apple flavour. The combination of warming bitter spices and apple cider went very well together and complemented my fig biscuits rather well.

This is a still cider. I probably should have mentioned that previously. I don't know whether a sparkling cider would suit the bitter spices more. It's something I'd like to try anyway…

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