18 August 2021

Yorkie Orange Chocolate Bar (B&M) By @SpectreUK

Yorkie Orange Chocolate Bar

I usually prefer plain milk chocolate bars, although I do love caramel in chocolate bars. I sometimes like orange in chocolate bars, but I must admit it seems rare to find an orange chocolate bar. I guess that's why Cinabar asked me to write about this limited edition Nestle Yorkie Orange chocolate bar.

I haven't eaten a Yorkie milk chocolate bar for quite a while. I have no idea how long it's been, but I generally go for another brand of milk chocolate over anything else. Having said that, if I fancy chocolate and biscuit I'll go straight for other brands, so I'm never locked down to one brand only. Besides when you write a snacking blog, it's best to try and keep an open mind!

On unwrapping this Yorkie Orange there was a strong milk chocolate and orange aroma from the bar inside. On taste the milk chocolate is quite soft on my old teeth. There was a milk chocolate flavour to start with that merged perfectly with the orange flavouring. This mixture of milk chocolate and orange ran into the aftertaste where there is a last slightly stronger salute of orange at the end, just to remind me that I'd eaten a milk chocolate with orange in it.

I really liked this Yorkie Orange chocolate bar and would definitely have them in regularly, so it does seem almost a crime to make them a limited edition… especially when I don't usually eat plain Yorkie bars… just saying!

Information on the packet;
Per 46g bar is 244 calories, with 13.8g of fat, and 26g of sugar. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Yorkie Orange Chocolate Bar

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zeddy said...

"Plain milk chocolate"!?
Surely a contradiction in terms?

You could always have a Terry's Orange bar as well.