1 August 2021

Tago Hazelnut Creme Wafer Rolls (@nli10)

Recently the little shop by work has been very keen to sell me a variety of wafer rolls - having them prominently on the counter for the lunch time rush.  I don’t remember seeing the brand Tago - it looks very Euro.

As they were affordable at 89p and very sharable I thought I’d oblige.

There’s barely anything to them! And these appear to be from Poland - nice!

They are a little crumbly - but they look glorious.

And the filling is pretty generous too - I’d worried it would be a solid layer. The flavours do taste like popular hazelnut spreads and the outer is just crispy enough.  While not the M&S butter version, these are a decent treat - and one where you won’t sit and eat the box solo…

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