31 July 2021

Pizzazz - Pizza Beer (Brass Castle Brewery) By @SpectreUK

Pizzazz - Pizza Beer (Brass Castle Brewery)

I still have a few beers left from the Brass Castle Brewery boxset that Cinabar bought me a while ago. I did note a sadistic twinkle in her eyes when I fished this can of beer out of the box. Pizzazz is a 4.5% in volume Gose beer brewed with sun-dried tomatos and sweet basil. Pizzazz is a pizza beer, hence the name and the ingredients brewed with it. A Gose beer is a German beer that is warm fermented with 50% of its grain as malted wheat. I've had some fairly sour Gose beers in the past, and unfortunately I'm not a fan of sour beer.

I've tried quite a few flavoured beers before, some have been surprisingly good, some were just okay, and a rare few have been pretty awful. The trouble is that I don't particularly like pizza. It's very rare I eat a pizza. My favourite pizza was the meaty Carne Amanti in Pizza Hut, but they stopped making that some time ago. I've been disappointed by every other pizza since to the point where I've just stopped eating them. So I don't know how a pizza flavoured beer is going to go down. I guess I'm just about to find out…

I couldn't help thinking that I should wash down a pizza with this Pizzazz, but most unfortunately I didn't have one to hand. I do however have a Snitzel meal with a German Gose beer, which sounds pretty apt to me. On opening this Pizzazz Gose beer there was a sour wheat, tomato and faintly herby aroma from the can.

On first face twistingly sour mouthful I very quickly realised that this beer is not for me. There is a citrus almost lemony flavour from the sourness of the Gose, which merges almost instantly with a strong tomato flavour and a little sweet basil. This pizza-esque flavour runs right through this super sour beer. If you like sour beer this is for you. If you like pizza and sour beer, I'd recommend you wash one down a pizza with a can of Pizzazz. Unfortunately I like neither!

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