4 July 2021

ERIDANOUS - Greek Style Gyros at home (@NLi10)

Lidl by work have all kinds of odd theme weeks, and earlier in the year they did some awesome Greek stuff.  I bought this to fry up for home lunches - and promptly forgot about it.  It floated to the bottom of the freezer where it's  been for say 4 months.

It's essentially one of their bachelor chow things - a meal in a bag.  Add some water and heat and you have a mix of meat, veg and carbs. But do you have any flavour or authenticity.

Hmmm - frozen Greek bits in water doesn't look great.

When the rice sucks all that moisture up though it turns into a nice small dinner.  There are olives in here, decent quality pork, recognisable veggies with crunch, and of course the flavoured rice.

And it's a hit.  It really takes less than 10 mins from freezer to plate (oddly the microwave recipe is slower) and it has kept pretty well unopened.  I don't expect the other 2/3 of the bag to make it so long - a quick tasty lunch is always a pleasure.

Not authentic to Greek restaurant quality, but good enough for a TV meal.

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