11 July 2021

Morrisons Taste - Plant based eating - Salted Popped Snacks (@NLi10)

Here is a bag of crisps - that isn't actually a bag of crisps.  The trend towards popped things instead of potatoes is picking up speed, and here we have rice/potato/chickpea/cornflour exploded baked discs of fun.

I am a little worried that these are called plant based eating - what were your last crisps made of!!

We have the four flavours on the bag - essentially plain, spinach, beetroot and sweet potato

And you can tell which is which at a glance which is great

And although they are horribly out of focus here (and we ate them all so I can't take it again) you can tell the difference between them so instead of being a slog through one flavour and texture we actually really enjoyed these!

I think that Popchips showed that there was a market here for this kind of thing (when done well) and these are pretty great.  Perfect for watching all of the sports without feeling too bad about snacking at the same time!


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