10 July 2021

O-G Hazy Beer (Asda @BrewDog) By @SpectreUK

O-G Hazy Beer BrewDog

"Embrace the opaque" the side of the can states with this 7.2% in volume O-G Hazy. This beer is a New England IPA you certainly can't see through. This slightly smaller 440ml can of beer was brewed by a favourite brewer of mine called Brewdog. Although there aren't any brewers I can think of that aren't also my favourite brewers, so that probably says something about me!

O-G Hazy is dry hopped and suggests flavours of citrus fruits such as mango, pineapple and lime. This beer should go down a treat with duck meal I have for dinner. It sounds pretty posh, and also healthy - the duck, not so much the beer! I found that my evening meal is so low in calories I had a blast at lunchtime with a bacon sandwich and two fried eggs on top! And so to the beer…

On opening the can there was a decent citrus aroma of pineapple and lime from the hops, with a hint of mango, and a sweetness following from the pale malts. On pouring this light golden India Pale Ale is certainly hazy in appearance. O-G Hazy looks like a thick shiny soup with a light head and a cheerful fizz. The bitter citrus hops snapped at my tastebuds to start with. Those crisp pineapple and lime flavours sprang forwards to begin with, then a slight hint from the mango flavour. The sweetness from the pale malts smoothed out the bitter hops into the aftertaste. This is a very flavoursome beer indeed and went rather well with my duck meal. And as Basil Fawlty said; "if you don't like duck, you're out of luck!"

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