1 July 2021

Jamie Oliver - veggie and meaty Italian Pizzas! (@Nli10)

We love pizza - and Jamie Oliver loves tampering with Italian classics.  Here we have his veggie and meaty pizzas.

This is the veggie pizza (uncooked) in its little bag.  I didn't eat this one but I am assured that it was lovely.

This is my meaty one

Look at all that luxury goodness!  Maybe too much though?  There are so many little hidden flavours going on that it's almost too many.  The sausage is thick and flavoursome and would be awesome by itself, but here with the  aniseed and onions its almost too rich.  I think that they needed to boost one or two of the ingredients only, so that it was more of a pizza and less of a pile of luxury food.

I'd happily eat it again though, but I'm not sure that it's as perfect as they'd like it to be.


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