29 July 2021

Wicked Kitchen - Late Night Noodles - Smokey Soy flavours & a surprise! (@NLi10)

I needed some lazy lunch pots so picked some up on a supermarket trip - including this intriguing new brand.

Wicked Kitchen has clear concise branding and was pretty affordable.  Sounds worth a try.

It's just simple noodles and dust - but that's all I need.

Smells great - lets look what's in it.

Wait - here's a surprise - it's just the Tesco own brand noodles - but with a fun new name!  That's a great idea (and copying the 'discount' supermarkets) and one that worked on me.  The noodles were tangy in flavour and very simple, but filling enough.

My picture of the noodles was terrible, but they looked a lot like the pack shot so just scroll up a bit.  

An nice change from the typical pot noodle or the deluxe priced instant noodles. A win from me!


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Anonymous said...

Wicked kitchen is Tesco's vegan range.