14 July 2021

Cadbury Caramilk (B&M) By @SpectreUK (B&M)

Cadbury Caramilk

I'm always willing to try new types of chocolate bars by Cadbury's. This new Cadbury Caramilk combines two favourite flavours of mine, which are white chocolate and caramel. Cadbury Caramilk Is a blend of caramelised white chocolate. It simply sounds like heaven in a chocolate bar.

Cadbury Caramilk

As you can see from the photograph, this Cadbury Caramilk is a creamy golden colour. It pretty much tastes like it says on the wrapper. It tastes like you'd expect caramelised white chocolate to taste like. Creamy Cadbury white chocolate blended with a sweet caramel flavour. There is no soft centre here, as expected… Just solid blocks of caramelised white chocolate. And it is heaven in a chocolate bar!

Information on the wrapper; The 180g bar contains 557 calories per 100g, with 33g of fat, 58g of sugar, and 0.22g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Cadbury Caramilk


Anonymous said...

this is the aussie import, cadbury uk now selling uk version in most supermarkets

pap3rwings said...

My favourite chocolate bar, hands down. Definitely prefer this Aussiee bar to the new UK release.