2 July 2021

Kinder Bueno Coconut (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Kinder Bueno Coconut

I spotted this new Kinder Bueno Coconut bar in our local Tesco by the tills. It is a very small branch of the shop but seems to be remarkably good at getting new products, I’ve picked quite a few nice things from there, the shop manager seems to have a sweet tooth like me.

So I have had Kinder Bueno before but this bar is coconut and white chocolate. Inside the pack are bars which are individually wrapped so could be used as portion control where you could have just one and keep the other bar fresh. I opened up the first stick and coconut went everywhere. I mean everywhere. This is a messy bar and that was before I broke the first piece off. The flavours are lovely though, there is coconut, hazelnut and white chocolate and the pleasing light crunch of wafer. It is a really nice bar of chocolate with good textures. The problem with my local Tesco is that they probably won’t have these when I go there next week as they change stock so regularly which is such a shame because despite the coconut crumbs, I would happily buy them again.

Kinder Bueno Coconut

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