9 July 2021

Fry’s Hot Chocolate (B&M) By @Cinabar

Fry’s Hot Chocolate

As much as I’m a fan of hot chocolate all year round I wasn’t expecting to find a new drink launched in July. Traditionally the new flavours of hot chocolate launch in the autumn when winter is the air and people are think about keeping warm, not on a hot but muggy day in the summer.

I found this bag of Fry’s Hot Chocolate in B&M and added it to my basket. Once home I opened up the bag, which is a thick plastic that tore when cut. Annoying. I then put the hot chocolate powder into hot milk and realised I had no idea how to close the bag. It isn’t resealable. My bag clips found the plastic too thick and popped off. I eventually found a sandwich bag tie just made it around the plastic, I would rather have a jar if I’m honest.

The drink the was lovely though, it was a lot sweeter than many brands and had loads of chocolate flavour. It was sweet creamy and a nice treat. I’ve been drinking quite a bit of the Hotel Chocolat hot chocolates and they are good, but they are lacking that indulgent sweetness. I do have a sweet tooth and so I would buy this again, it mixed up well and tasted lovely. If they could just sort the packaging out it would be perfect.

Fry’s Hot Chocolate

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