7 July 2021

Seabrook Loaded Fries Cheese & Bacon (Morrisons) By @SpectreUK

Seabrook Loaded Fries Cheese & Bacon

I guess as a crisp or snack manufacturer you have to be pretty brave to take on the long standing bacon flavoured crisps and fries that have been on the market since I can remember, especially if they are also low in calories for health nuts who count every one. Possibly the only way to stay competitive could be to add something extra to the ingredients, such as cheese…?

I don't eat much cheese. I do love it, but asides a cheese and cold meats meal with a glass of port every other Sunday, it's not so good for my waistline. Cheese and bacon was a favourite sandwich of mine when I was a bit heavier, and I wasn't so dependent on keeping my weight down to enable me to walk on my sore knee. I reckon these Seabrook Loaded Fries Cheese & Bacon flavour will go down rather well. They're made with maize, and are low in calories, so they sound pretty healthy.

I recently tried Seabrook Loaded Fries Chilli Heat flavour, which I really enjoyed. However tasty they were I didn't believe they had much of a chilli burn at the time. I did like their tomato flavour though and finished the multipack off in no time. So I'm understandably looking forward to these Seabrook Loaded Fries Cheese & Bacon flavour. I'm not expecting anything from them like a chilli burn, though funnily enough I am expecting cheese and bacon!

On opening the packet there was a good strong cheesy smell followed by a smoky bacon aroma. On taste these Seabrook Loaded Fries Cheese & Bacon flavour have a good strong flavour of cheese to begin with, followed closely behind by a smoky slightly salty bacon flavour. I found these cheese and bacon fries exceptionally moreish. The packet emptied very quickly indeed. They were very flavoursome, they also felt healthy to eat, and they will become a firm regular in our crisp cupboard. Yes… we have a cupboard for crisps!

Information on the packet;
Each 19g bag contains 89 calories, with 4.6g of fat, 1.3g of sugar, and 0.29g of salt. Please see photograph for ingredients. 

Seabrook Loaded Fries Cheese & Bacon

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