27 July 2021

Churros (M&S Food) By @Cinabar

M&S Food - 10 x Churros

I was a in a restaurant for Spectre’s birthdays and I missed out on my favourite dessert of Churros with a chocolate dip. I say missed out, that isn’t completely true, it was a choice. It was so very very hot (unusual for British weather) and all I could fancy for dessert was an ice cream. There was no air con and I needed something cooling! I still felt like I’d missed out, so when I saw these Churros in M&S Food Hall I couldn’t resist picking them up to have at home.

M&S Food - 10 x Churros

They are stored in the fridge and I took them out to snack on while watching binge watching Black Books on Netflix (I’m catching up on classics I missed first time round and have already worked my way through the IT Crowd). I was surprised to see you are supposed to eat these hot and that I should have been putting the oven on to pre-heat. I caught up, arranged these on a baking tray and cooked them for 8 minutes. Then I microwaved the chocolate dip (it was solid) but went pleasingly running. I sprinkled the cinnamon sugar on the Churros generously and they smelt amazing, oh my I do love cinnamon.

M&S Food - 10 x Churros

I gave one a try and was thoroughly impressed, the doughnut taste was spot on it felt fresh, the churros was so nice with the cinnamon sugar, flavoursome and warm and they were a proper treat. They were soft but lightly crispy on the outside. The chocolate dip was good too but I’m biased towards cinnamon and found myself preferring them plain, the chocolate dip wasn’t bad I’d have preferred a darker sauce but honestly all I needed was the cinnamon on those hot Churros, pure yum. PS Happy to take any comedy recommendation on Netflix, do leave a comment if you have any ideas?

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zeddy said...

What's not to like about cinnamon?

Churros, a sweet tapeass!