30 July 2021

The Foodie Bag (Paper Bag Co #TheFoodieBag #Gifted) By @Cinabar

The Foodie Bag - Paper Bag Co #TheFoodieBag #Gifted

Many thanks to the lovely folks at The Paper Bag Co for sending me a Foodie Bag as a gift to review. Although we take a lot of photographs here at Foodstuff Finds (daily blog posts) I have to confess that more than often the background is simply our kitchen table. I realise that isn’t very interesting but thanks to the handy Foodie Bag that should change a bit. They sent me a lovely canvas bag, complete with a mesh pocket divider. It is very sturdy and bigger than I thought it would be, it fits nicely over the shoulder and my laptop fits in it no problem at all, perfect for when I’m out and about.

Inside the bag we were also sent a tube with nice backgrounds for photographs the first of which I’ll use on Monday review. My kitchen table might well be side stepped for a while! There is a 15-inch photographic reflector and diffuser in its own bag, perfect as the light in our kitchen isn’t designed with photography in mind, I regularly get reflection on anything shiny I’m snapping. There are also smart postcards with photography tips.

My favourite thing though is the bag, it is huge, sturdy, pretty and fab for being out and about. This is the perfect gift for any foodie friends you have, especially those wanting to upgrade their Insta pictures. Many thanks again to The Paper Bag Co for sending through.

The Foodie Bag - Paper Bag Co #TheFoodieBag #Gifted

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